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Posted lun. 24 mars 2014

Tip of the week 33

Connect to Cisco Anyconnect VPN under Linux with OpenConnect

If you're on Linux and you want to connect to a Cisco VPN, Cisco provides an Anyconnect client for Linux, unfortunately it's not well integrated with your linux network manager.

Openconnect is a great alternative to the Anyconnect client, it's available in your distro repositories (just check here to know the name of the package(s)) and it works like a charm

In order to install it under ElementaryOs/Ubuntu (that's quite similar for other distro, just chek the name of the package with the link above)

natjohan~$ sudo aptitude install openconnect network-manager-openconnect

I used aptitude but it's the same with apt-get, now you're able to perform an anyconnect connexion under your network manager

Go Further

official website
Archlinux instructions
If you have to use a software token : stocken

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