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  1. JNC under ElementaryOs/Ubuntu

    lun. 21 avril 2014

    Here is the way to simply install JNC (Juniper Network Connect which is the Juniper VPN client) under ElementaryOs or Ubuntu

    1/ Installing Oracle Java and download the Juniper software

    If you're under a 32 bits version (uname -a => i386)

    natjohan:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
    natjohan:~$ sudo apt-get ...
  2. Tip of the week 33

    lun. 24 mars 2014

    Connect to Cisco Anyconnect VPN under Linux with OpenConnect

    If you're on Linux and you want to connect to a Cisco VPN, Cisco provides an Anyconnect client for Linux, unfortunately it's not well integrated with your linux network manager.

    Openconnect is a great alternative to the Anyconnect client ...