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  1. Tip of the week 37

    dim. 24 août 2014

    Running Wireshark as a non root

    There is two different ways :

    1/ On Debian based distributions :

    ~ sudo dpkg-reconfigure wireshark-common

    Then, just select yes and add your user to the wireshark group :

    ~ sudo adduser MYUSER wireshark

    2/ On other distros (you can do it on debian distibutions too) :

    ~ sudo chgrp adm ...
  2. Tip of the week 33

    lun. 24 mars 2014

    Connect to Cisco Anyconnect VPN under Linux with OpenConnect

    If you're on Linux and you want to connect to a Cisco VPN, Cisco provides an Anyconnect client for Linux, unfortunately it's not well integrated with your linux network manager.

    Openconnect is a great alternative to the Anyconnect client ...

  3. Tip of the week 22

    lun. 15 juillet 2013

    Power management and optimizations with powertop

    Powertop is a little utilitie that allow you to reduce your computer power consumption. This is an interesting soft for laptop owner, to install it, simply use you favorite package manager

    natjohan# yum install powertop

    Now, just launch powertop command with root privileges, the ...

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