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  1. Tip of the week 21

    dim. 14 juillet 2013

    Easily tweak your Fedora installation with Fedora Utils

    Fedora Utils brings you many tweaks for your Fedora install like :
    • codecs
    • additional softwares (chrome, flash, steam, skype, etc)
    • optimizations (ssd, clean cache, etc)
    • simply manage your repos
    • update your grub config
    • and more


    According to the official page, just launch ...

  2. Tip of the week 9

    lun. 18 février 2013


    Chromium is an open source browser from which Google Chrome is based. Actually Chromium seems to be very similar to Chrome but there is some important differences, in few words, Chromium = Chrome (with few changes) + open source (under BSD licence) + privacy (RLZ tracking is disabled in chromium, see wikipedia ...

  3. Install GNS3 on Fedora 18

    lun. 04 février 2013

    GNS3 is a famous network simulator which allow to test network topologies and equipements.


    First you have to install Telnet and PyQt4 library with :

    natjohan# yum install telnet pyqt4

    Then, install GNS3, download the tgz archive from the official website :

    natjohan# tar -xvzf GNS3- ...

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