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Posted lun. 18 février 2013

Tip of the week 9


Chromium is an open source browser from which Google Chrome is based. Actually Chromium seems to be very similar to Chrome but there is some important differences, in few words, Chromium = Chrome (with few changes) + open source (under BSD licence) + privacy (RLZ tracking is disabled in chromium, see wikipedia).

Install Chromium on Fedora

Chromium is not on the default repo, so you just have to add this repo maintained by Tom Callaway from Red-Hat with :

natjohan# su -lc 'cd /etc/yum.repos.d && wget'

OR just create a file called fedora-chromium.repo under /etc/yum.repo/ with this content :

name=Builds of the "stable" tag of the Chromium Web Browser

name=Builds of the "stable" tag of the Chromium Web Browser - Source

Then, install it with yum command :

natjohan# yum install chromium

Note : this is not the latest version of chromium (v23 - december 2012), however there is no major changes in v26, but hope Tom Callaway maintained this repo up to date

Go further

Official website If you really want to take care of your privacy and use Chromium, i recommand you to use DuckDuckGo (just change your search settings) and read this article

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