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  1. Tip of the week 33

    lun. 24 mars 2014

    Connect to Cisco Anyconnect VPN under Linux with OpenConnect

    If you're on Linux and you want to connect to a Cisco VPN, Cisco provides an Anyconnect client for Linux, unfortunately it's not well integrated with your linux network manager.

    Openconnect is a great alternative to the Anyconnect client ...

  2. Tip of the week 29

    mar. 14 janvier 2014

    A little Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager (EEM) script example

    Here is a little script to retrieve and store the output of command periodically on your cisco router. It can be usefull when logs don't want to speak.

    conf t
    event manager session cli username <myusername>
    event manager applet ...
  3. Tip of the week 27

    jeu. 02 janvier 2014

    Highlight your Cisco IOS configurations under Sublime Text

    Here is a little tip if you're using Sublime Text (which is a really great text editor with many useful features) It's quite easy, you just have to download the IOS language definitions and put it under your Sublime Text ...

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