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Posted lun. 04 mars 2013

Tip of the week 11

Question mark in your Cisco conf

In Cisco CLI, the question mark allow you to obtain a list of command/options.

Router(config)# enable secret ?
        0 Specifies an UNENCRYPTED password will follow
        5 Specifies an ENCRYPTED secret will follow
        LINE The UNENCRYPTED (cleartext) 'enable' secret
        level Set exec level password

But : how to put a question mark in your Cisco description, or in your Cisco password ?

Router(config)# enable secret QuestionMark_(type CTRL + V here)_?

In your descriptions :

Router(config)# int Ge0/1/0
Router(config-if)# description in use _(type CTRL + V here)_?

Actually, if you want to use question mark in your Cisco conf as a normal character, you just have to type Ctrl + V before!

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