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  1. Easily recover your data from corrupted usb disk/memory card

    lun. 28 janvier 2013

    Yesterday, I just wanted to move my pictures from my memory card to my computer. Unfortunatly, my memory card doesn't mount automatically under linux (Fedora), so i tried to mount it manually

    natjohan# fdisk -l
    Périphérique Amorce  Début        Fin      Blocs     Id  Système
    /dev/sdc1            8192    15564799     7778304    b  W95 ...
  2. Tip of the week 5

    mar. 22 janvier 2013


    A fancy, useful, cool app to manage your tasks and improve your productivity ;-). It's a very simple app coming with :

    - Android app (with widgets, status bar notifications,)
    - HTML5 app : coming soon

    Why it's cool ?

    - Syncs with all your devices of course (and ...
  3. Tip of the week 4

    lun. 14 janvier 2013

    Simply edit your Gnome 3 menu with Alacarte

    Unfortunately Gnome doesn't provide a simple and well documented way to add/modify a menu entry, however Alacarte is a great tool for that.


    On Fedora (Alacarte is also available in many distro) :

    natjohan# yum install alacarte

    To get it ...

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