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  1. Tip of the week 16

    dim. 14 avril 2013

    Secure your Splunk Free server

    "Splunk Enterprise is a fully featured, powerful platform for collecting, searching, monitoring and analyzing machine data". There is a free version of Splunk with some limitations (read here), but it's sufficent to analyze fews hosts logs (< 20). The major disadvatage of this edition is ...

  2. Tip of the week 14

    jeu. 28 mars 2013

    Terminator : a powerful terminal for sysadmins

    You dream of having a terminal that allow to open many terms in one window, launch a same update/fix on these terms with a replicate system, with a lot of keyboard shortcuts, multiple layouts/profiles, and more ? Terminator is for you !


    Terminator ...

  3. Install GNS3 on Fedora 18

    lun. 04 février 2013

    GNS3 is a famous network simulator which allow to test network topologies and equipements.


    First you have to install Telnet and PyQt4 library with :

    natjohan# yum install telnet pyqt4

    Then, install GNS3, download the tgz archive from the official website :

    natjohan# tar -xvzf GNS3- ...

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