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  1. How to set up Canon MG3250 printer on Linux

    lun. 14 janvier 2013

    I recently bought a Canon MG3250 printer, this is a classic printer with a good quality price average for home usage (wifi, recto-verso, scan).


    So, you have to make the installation of your printer (follow the canon manual), connect to your wifi network with WPS (Wifi Protected Setup)

    /!\ Note ...
  2. My favorite Gnome Shell Extensions

    mer. 28 novembre 2012

    Here is my favorite Gnome Shell extensions :

    Alternative Status menu

    This extension allow to display the power off function in gnome shell status menu (what a bad ergonomic choice of gnome devs !)

    Alternative status menu

    alternative status menu enable a switch off button

    Brightness control

    It's a very usefull extension for laptop that allow to control your ...

  3. Linux on Samsung np900x3c

    lun. 19 novembre 2012

    Few month ago I decided to buy a new laptop : the Samsung NP900X3C. It's a sleek, chic piece of hardware. Read more about that in this review ou here.

    As a Linux user, i wanted to put Linux on it. I tried ArchLinux, but unfortunately, it was unstable and ...

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