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  1. Canon Edit : how to solve problem

    lun. 11 février 2013

    Edit : 11/02/2013

    I just upgraded my system from Fedora 17 to Fedora 18, and my canon printer doesn't work anymore. I followed the debug guide and it's due to libtiff library (Fedora 17 use and Fedora 18 use Here is ...

  2. Install GNS3 on Fedora 18

    lun. 04 février 2013

    GNS3 is a famous network simulator which allow to test network topologies and equipements.


    First you have to install Telnet and PyQt4 library with :

    natjohan# yum install telnet pyqt4

    Then, install GNS3, download the tgz archive from the official website :

    natjohan# tar -xvzf GNS3- ...
  3. Easily recover your data from corrupted usb disk/memory card

    lun. 28 janvier 2013

    Yesterday, I just wanted to move my pictures from my memory card to my computer. Unfortunatly, my memory card doesn't mount automatically under linux (Fedora), so i tried to mount it manually

    natjohan# fdisk -l
    Périphérique Amorce  Début        Fin      Blocs     Id  Système
    /dev/sdc1            8192    15564799     7778304    b  W95 ...

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