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Posted mer. 28 novembre 2012

My favorite Gnome Shell Extensions

Here is my favorite Gnome Shell extensions :

Alternative Status menu

This extension allow to display the power off function in gnome shell status menu (what a bad ergonomic choice of gnome devs !)

Alternative status menu

alternative status menu enable a switch off button

Brightness control

It's a very usefull extension for laptop that allow to control your screen brightness

Brightness control

simply control your laptop brightness

Place Status Indicator

Simply add an icon for quick folders access

Place status indicator

quick folder access on status menu

Status icon fixer

This extension fix Dropbox icon notifications on status bar

Status icon fixer

fix dropbox icon

Coverflow Alt-Tab

Just a fancy extension to switch between apps with coverflow style

Coverflow Alt-Tab

coverflow in gnome

Dash to dock

"Transform the dash into an intellihide dock."

Dash to dock

intellihide dock

Remove accessibility

"Remove the accessibility button from the top panel."

Remove accessibility

Media player indicator

It allows to control your media player on the status bar via the volume icon

Media player indicator

media player indicator

This extensions allow to tweak your gnome shell, but they also show us the importants deficiencies of Gnome shell...

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You should look at Gnome shell extension page

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