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Posted lun. 13 mai 2013

Tip of the week 18

Setting up your own ntp server without internet connexion

NTP (Network Time Protocol) is a protocol that allows to synchronize your computers clocks on your network.


With your favorite package manager

natjohan(fedora)# yum install ntp
natjohan(debian)# aptitude install ntp


NTPD is quite easy to understand, all you need is to edit /etc/ntp.conf, and launch the service :

natjohan# service ntpd restart

Ok, that's weird, but if you want to set up your own NTP server without an internet connexion (I mean, you do not have internet access and you want to synchronize your devices with the local time of your server), you just have to edit your ntp.conf file, comment the server part and modify like that

fudge stratum 10


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