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  1. Tip of the week 44

    dim. 06 mars 2016

    Shutter : feature rich screenshot tool

    Shutter is a powerful screenshot tool w/ many features, it allows you to capture (a specific selection/windows/menu/tooltip/website...), you can easily edit your captures with shutter built-in editor (add text, arrows, crop, highlight,...) and also share (flickr, imgur, etc)

    To install it ...

  2. Tip of the week 39

    sam. 21 février 2015

    A command line tool for your networking calc : sipcalc

    I just want to show you a useful tool for your networking calc called sipcalc, to install it (under debian based, but it should also exists in your favorite distro) :

    sudo aptitude install sipcalc

    Some examples, here in IPv4 format :

    ~  sipcalc ...
  3. Tip of the week 37

    dim. 24 août 2014

    Running Wireshark as a non root

    There is two different ways :

    1/ On Debian based distributions :

    ~ sudo dpkg-reconfigure wireshark-common

    Then, just select yes and add your user to the wireshark group :

    ~ sudo adduser MYUSER wireshark

    2/ On other distros (you can do it on debian distibutions too) :

    ~ sudo chgrp adm ...