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  1. Tip of the week 12

    dim. 10 mars 2013

    Detect IP address conflicts with the arping command

    If you're working in large network environment and you have some ip conflicts, you can use arping command under Linux. This command sends arp requests on the Ethernet layer and is a part of iputils package (so arping is available on ...

  2. Tip of the week 11

    lun. 04 mars 2013

    Question mark in your Cisco conf

    In Cisco CLI, the question mark allow you to obtain a list of command/options.

    Router(config)# enable secret ?
            0 Specifies an UNENCRYPTED password will follow
            5 Specifies an ENCRYPTED secret will follow
            LINE The UNENCRYPTED (cleartext) 'enable' secret
            level Set exec level password ...
  3. Tip of the week 10

    lun. 25 février 2013

    Qalculate - the ultimate desktop calculator !

    According to the official website, Qalculate is : a multi-purpose desktop calculator for GNU/Linux. It is small and simple to use but with much power and versatility underneath. Features include customizable functions, units, arbitrary precision, plotting, and a user-friendly interface (KDE or GTK+).

    Qalculate is ...

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