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Posted lun. 25 août 2014

Install GNS3 1.0 beta on your Ubuntu from scratch

Some weeks ago, GNS3 released its beta version, here is the way to install it from scratch on ubuntu/elementaryos :

1/ You need python 3.3 or higher, pip, qtmake and other stuff :

~ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fkrull/deadsnakes
~ sudo aptitude update
~ sudo aptitude install git python3.4 python3.4-dev qt4-qmake qt4-dev-tools libzmq-dev cmake libelf1 libelf-dev uuid-dev libpcap-dev
~ cd /tmp/
~ wget
~ sudo python3.4
~ sudo easy_install-3.4 pip
~ wget -O - | sudo python3.4

Download SIP, PyQt4 from : - -

~ tar xvzf PyQt-x11-gpl-4.11.1.tar.gz
~ tar xvzf sip-4.16.2.tar.gz
~ cd sip-4.16.2/
~ python3.4
~ make && sudo make install
~ cd ../PyQt-x11-gpl-4.11.1
~ python3.4
~ make && sudo make install

2/ Install gns3-gui

~ cd /tmp/
~ git clone
~ cd gns3-gui
~ sudo python3.4 install

3/ Install Dynamips

~ cd /tmp/
~ git clone
~ cd dynamips
~ mkdir build
~ cd build
~ cmake ..
~ make && sudo make install

4/ Install gns3-server

~ cd /tmp/
~ git clone
~ cd gns3-server
~ sudo python3.4 install

Change the gns-server path in Edit->Preferences by /usr/local/bin/gns3server launch GNS3 with gns3

If you encounter the following issue : Could not connect to the local server on port 8000: Websocket exception <class 'ws4py.exc.HandshakeError'>: Invalid response status: b'403' b'Forbidden'

Just install Tornado in the following version :

~ sudo pip3.4 uninstall tornado
~ sudo pip3.4 install tornado==3.2.2

5/ Bonus

For Virtualbox integration :

(Yes you have to use python2.7)

~ cd /tmp
~ git clone
~ cd vboxwrapper
~ sudo python2.7 install

Then just copying these files :

~ sudo cp -r adapters nios /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages

And now, just edit the vboxwrapper path in gns3 : Edit->Preferences with /usr/local/bin/vboxwrapper

IOU integration :

Installing IOU then, download and install iouyap from :

~ cd /tmp
~ tar zxvf iouyap.tar.gz
~ cp iouyap /usr/local/bin/iouyap

Now, put correct paths in your gns3 preferences Edit->Preferences by /home/MYUSER/.iourc and /usr/local/bin/iouyap

VPCs integration (Virtual PC):

~ sudo aptitude install subversion
~ cd /tmp
~ svn checkout svn:// vpcs-code
or download it from :
~ cd vpcs-code/src
~ sudo ./
~ sudo mv -f vpcs /usr/bin/vpcs

And now you can put the correct path /usr/bin/vpcs for VPCS in your GNS3 preferences

GNS3 Converter

GNS3 Converter allow you to convert your old gns3 files to get it works on the new GNS3 ( :

~ sudo pip3 install gns3-converter


For a multi-tabbed terminal :

~ sudo aptitude install roxterm

Then change your GNS3 settings : Edit->Preferences->General->Console applications-> Preconfigured commands and change from xterm to Roxterm

GNS3 desktop icon

Just create a .desktop file :

~ sudo vi /usr/share/applications/gns3.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=gns3 %f
Comment=GNS3 Graphical Network Simulator
Category: Linux
Tags: tool networking network GNS3 ubuntu elementaryos simulation