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  1. Tip of the week 22

    lun. 15 juillet 2013

    Power management and optimizations with powertop

    Powertop is a little utilitie that allow you to reduce your computer power consumption. This is an interesting soft for laptop owner, to install it, simply use you favorite package manager

    natjohan# yum install powertop

    Now, just launch powertop command with root privileges, the ...

  2. Tip of the week 21

    dim. 14 juillet 2013

    Easily tweak your Fedora installation with Fedora Utils

    Fedora Utils brings you many tweaks for your Fedora install like :
    • codecs
    • additional softwares (chrome, flash, steam, skype, etc)
    • optimizations (ssd, clean cache, etc)
    • simply manage your repos
    • update your grub config
    • and more


    According to the official page, just launch ...