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  1. Canon Edit : how to solve problem

    lun. 11 février 2013

    Edit : 11/02/2013

    I just upgraded my system from Fedora 17 to Fedora 18, and my canon printer doesn't work anymore. I followed the debug guide and it's due to libtiff library (Fedora 17 use and Fedora 18 use Here is ...

  2. Tip of the week 4

    lun. 14 janvier 2013

    Simply edit your Gnome 3 menu with Alacarte

    Unfortunately Gnome doesn't provide a simple and well documented way to add/modify a menu entry, however Alacarte is a great tool for that.


    On Fedora (Alacarte is also available in many distro) :

    natjohan# yum install alacarte

    To get it ...