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  1. EncFS : simply protect and access to your private data on cloud services

    lun. 08 février 2016


    First, I published this article three years ago, in 2013. As things moving fast, specially in security, Sebastian Messmer just advised me that EncFS is not a really secure tool anymore to save files on Dropbox. In February 2014, Taylor Hornby a scientist and security researcher done an audit ...

  2. Tip of the week 30

    lun. 20 janvier 2014

    Gnome EncFS Manager

    As I switched on ElementaryOs (which is a really great distrib) few months ago, I just discovered a new tool to mount my EncFS folders. Actually CryptKeeper didn't work properly under Elementary (due to some bugs with the tray system). So, I found a tool called ...